Hey guys!!! I’m Sarah, owner and barber at Blades Barber Shop in Davenport, IA.  I have been a licensed barber for about 3 years.  I offer haircuts, beard trims, and straight razor shaves.  I also utilize my esthetician license by waxing nose, ears, and eyebrows.

     My love for this profession started at a young age.  My mom has been a barber for about 30 years and I grew up in the barber shops she worked at.  I would sit and watch everyone cut hair after school.  She would joke with me and say “You can go to barber school and work with me when you grow up!”  I would always tell her no, that I had no interest in doing that at all.  Years later, something clicked and I decided to go to barber school and try it out.  I loved everything about it and I did end up working at my mom’s barber shop in Maquoketa, IA for two years.

     I love being a barber because it has forced me to come out of my shell and I get to visit with all kinds of people.  I can’t imagine doing anything else, because I love making people feel better about themselves. 












What We Offer

  • Haircut always includes straight razor shave with hot towel on back of the neck, eyebrow trim, product and style.
  • Beard trim with hot towel and straight razor also includes beard oil and or product (optional)
  • Beard trim WITHOUT straight razor or hot towel but includes beard oil and or product (optional)
  • Straight razor head shave with aftershave and scalp massage.
  • Haircut with beard trim/straight razor face shave, eyebrow trim, hair and beard product, finished with aftershave.
  • Senior haircut (60+)
  • For student & military/police/firefighter/EMS with student/military ID.
  • Haircut and beard trim for student & military/police/firefighter/EMS with student/military ID. Also senior price for haircut with beard trim.
  • Kids, 12 years and under. Includes product!
  • Wax (ears, nose, or eyebrows)
  • Get 3 waxes for $10 (ears, nose, eyebrows)


About Our Shop